Turmeric farmer


Transparent Sourcing – Organic Turmeric

Turmeric cropOur organic Turmeric comes from Maharashtra, India where the farmers are part of a farming co-operative. The previous generation of farmers only used the land to feed their families. However, through the co-operative, the new generation has now been educated on how to farm more effectively on smaller land areas and therefore have space to farm superfoods such as Turmeric and make money selling these crops internationally.


Cultivation Conditions

Turmeric cultivationLets talk more about how it grows. Usually in June, Turmeric rhizomes are planted ca5-6cm into very healthy soil that is quite muddy (see picture). Temperatures are around 40 degrees and the soil’s PH values are 5.5-6.5 which is considered optimal for the plant after many years of experience our famers say. The soil is manured with 200kg of organic compost per acre to ensure best possible nutrient levels.


Harvesting Process

Turmeric harvestWeeding and irrigation is consistently performed when needed in order to keep the soil moist for the best possible growing standards. Our organic Turmeric plants are ready for harvest 9 months after being planted and the rhizomes are dug out manually by hand. The eco system then continues with either new plants being planted or the rhizomes go to the next step of production to one day be inserted in to YOU: Protected.



Turmeric DryingThe organic Turmeric rhizomes are then left to dry for two weeks on a cleaned surface. Thereafter they are polished to remove any soil residues.


“We are proud to be making a difference in these farmers lives, giving their families better living conditions” – Shailendra, farming co-operative



Quality Assurance and ControlTurmeric Quality Control

The farmers will then send the dried organic Turmeric to the cooperative’s organic certified production facility. Here, impurities are removed and Quality Assurance as well as Quality Control is performed for physical and residual analysis by the laboratory team.



Powder Processing

The organic Turmeric is then sent to the processing machines to be transformed to powders and move through sieving. These powders are then controlled by a third party (Eurofins) to secure quality standards meet the organic food standards we all deserve.