We never found our ideal supplements that we wanted to take, so we created them.

Younicorn Vitamins was born out of the need to get our natural fix without having to toil away for hours at a cold press juicer. If you’re reading this you’re probably someone who already believes the benefits of organic and nutritious ingredients without all the additives and hidden junk. Like us, you don’t want to turn to synthetic supplements or prescription drugs. Maybe you’ve been thinking about boosting with superfoods but with all the different ones out there it’s hard to know what to take? Or you buy them all and instead it gets quite tiresome opening the lids to the plethora of pill bottles on a daily basis? At least that’s what we feel. There are combination tablets on the market but most use binding, flowing and coating agents in production or are packaged in a gel capsule, but we were convinced that we could figure out a way to compound the ingredients without all that – cue opportunity for innovation! So we’re super excited about our organic, vegan, cold pressed, multi-ingredient superfood tablets WITHOUT any additives. Super simple.

We aim to be just as transparent as our ingredients’ sourcing, namely 100% transparent. Speaking of which, you’ll see how all the ingredients in the recipes add up to a grand total of 100%, since it’s only the things we actually want in the tablets that get to be there. As a startup, we’re keeping tabs on both our strengths and weaknesses. For example, we do realize that our tablets leave a powdery residue in the packet, but that’s what you get when you don’t add synthetic junk to natural ingredients. Also, we really want to meet our farmers face to face, but not only are we spending all the money we have on developing the products, we’re also conscious of our footprint. So, we aim to visit all the farmers that we are in direct contact with one day but we really want to make it count! Younicorn Vitamins is a marathon brand not a sprint. So we’ll travel around the world in due course.

We came together as a company when both our paths happened to cross. After 4 years in the beauty industry, Oscar, our CEO, wanted to set up shop and shake the health & beauty market with some innovative ideas. Nina, recipe creator and sounding board, scoured enough evidence in the fight against cancer to argue that what we eat and how we live really does make a huge difference.


Meet the founders - Nina and Oscar


Scoured enough evidence to argue that what we eat and how we live really does make a huge difference. Believer, investor, sounding board and recipe creator.

I always promoted 5-a-day fresh veggies and fruit and scorned sugary and additive packed processed foods, but like so many others I fell victim to convenience products in the work/life balance. That took a sharp turn when we were trying to raise two healthy children while simultaneously being slapped with their father’s death sentence. Glioblastoma. Not something you’re expecting in your thirties with a 9 month baby and a 4 year old. Eating went from being a series of good or bad habits to being a critical component of an all-encompassing immunotherapy treatment.

I took a deep dive into all available research as the self-proclaimed sidekick to our neuro-oncologist. He looked forward to our brainstorming sessions and encouraged the team effort and our injection of good energy and pro-active approach. While I was unearthing novel therapies and the latest discoveries in cancer research, my husband did everything he could to keep as fit, healthy and strong as possible, on a mental AND cellular level so his body would cope with all the challenging treatments. It took a fair bit of editing of life priorities, exercise routines and NUTRITION! Removing all hidden junk, involving a stringent routine of label reading, anything that went in had to help, otherwise it stayed out! It had to benefit or else…

We won’t ever know which of all our efforts made the biggest difference, but we put up quite a fight against a dismal prognosis. This counts for a lot when all is said and done. The children had their father for three times longer than any statistics would profess, but the fight against an aggressive brain cancer is not one to be taken lightly and inevitably, it took our hero in the end. It has been a humbling eye-opener and there is so much evidence that what we eat and how we live really does make a huge difference that it is hard to believe the contrary, despite our irreplaceable loss.

Staying as fit and healthy as possible doesn’t come easy to everyone and I’ll be the first to admit that. That’s what I fell for with Younicorn Vitamins – a much needed life-hack. We don’t all make our own nutrition packed green smoothies, most people don’t even know what to put in them, let alone have those ingredients at home. So maybe this can make it a little easier to knock back the greens with a big glass of water and stay on track.


Complicated chemical words, 80-96% natural ingredients, how much of each ingredient is there actually inside? These things echoed in my head the last 12 months that I had in the corporate beauty industry. Surely 100% natural and organic ingredients must be possible? Surely these chemicals can be replaced with nature’s powers? Surely people are interested in EXACTLY what they’re eating? Surrounded by the many disruptive startup companies in Sweden, we found yet another industry that could use a good shakin’; vitamins.

Having had a gazillion business ideas, Younicorn Vitamins is my first true venture and I hope it will lead to many more years of disruption. Psst, Younicorn Vitamins is only the first pitstop to see if there are more people/consumers like us out there. We’d love to get in and shake the other product categories soon enough!