YOU: Sailor? No sea sickness for you with Ginger in your gut

Extensive research has been carried out on the effects Ginger has on various forms of nausea. This study involved 363 patients to investigate ginger’s benefits on postoperative nausea and vomiting which deemed ginger superior to placebo. Another study included 1,278 pregnant women to see if ginger could help with morning sickness and results show nausea decreased, however little effects to decrease vomiting were found.

To study ginger’s effect on chronic indigestion (dyspepsia, which generates pains in the upper stomach) half of the group’s 12 patients with the condition were given ginger together with a low-nutrient soup after 8 hours fasting. The other half of the group ate the soup together with placebo tablets. The ones who ate ginger supplements experienced gastric emptying in 12 minutes instead of placebo’s 16 minutes.

A comparison investigation on which medications cured menstrual pains best was made with mefenamic acid, ibuprofen and…GINGER! 150 women with primary dysmenorrhea were split into three groups and results showed that all groups had a decrease in pain. We believe synthetic is pathetic and are once again proud that our nature’s own ginger can help in the same way ibuprofen can.