YOU: Smoke? Probably not but if you do, read what Camu Camu can do

OK, so YOU: Gut Glory has those pre-biotic Inulin soldiers working for us, promoting pro-biotic bacteria i.e. helping the good bacteria out. In order to strengthen this product even further, we added Camu Camu which has studies showing that it could have antimicrobial properties. This means that it could fight/reduce levels of harmful bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans and Escherichia coli.

Another neat study within the field of obesity has shown that Camu Camu with its unique phytochemical profile managed to prevent weight gain and lowered fat accumulation by increasing the energy expenditure. As one of our favourite Amazonian fruits, this sour little berry therefore adds high relevance to gut health.

A Japanese study wanted to investigate Camu Camu’s antioxidative properties closer and in a group of 20 male smokers who volunteered being exposed to a higher oxidative stress, vitamin C tablets were given to half and Camu Camu to the other half. Both groups received the same amount of vitamin C and yet, the ones who consumed Camu Camu showed stronger antioxidative results than the ones who consumed the vitamin C tablets; suggesting that Camu Camu has some unexplained antioxidant properties. Mysterious.

Our organic Camu Camu is sourced from Peru and grows in its natural habitat of alluvial soils often side by side with river streams. A Camu Camu tree can first be harvested after 4 years, and thereafter annually. Harvest for our farmers is possible from August to March.