Have you heard of the Hadza Tribe?

The Hadza tribe of Tanzania’s pro-biotic bacterial flora density was measured compared to Americans, Italians and Malawians due to the Baobab intense diet the Hadzas consume. Since Baobab consists of nearly 50% dietary fibers, the Hadzas had a much more diverse bacterial flora in their guts thus having a healthier digestive system. Baobab trees grow all over Africa as well as Australia and ours comes from organic farmers in Senegal.

There are many studies researching the preventive effect dietary fibers can have against inflammatory bowel diseases. The most common ones are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis where the causes remain quite unknown. Unfortunately, these diseases continue to grow per capita in industrialized countries where diets often lack dietary fibers.

Another reason for us adding Baobab to YOU: Gut Glory is how it enhances a feeling of fullness. This was tested amongst 20 healthy individuals where half drank a Baobab infused smoothie and half the same smoothie without Baobab. Subjective measures were made to find that Baobab had generated less hunger amongst the participants. This could furthermore be seen as promoting weight loss and preventing bloating.

Our organic Baobab is sourced from Senegal where this beautiful tree that comes in many shapes and sizes, grows at its best. Local farmers here were introduced to organic farming many years ago and they are proud to see the global demand for the organic (super)foods movement.