YOU: India or just YOU: Healthy?

Scientists have the past decades been intrigued to see the strong correlation between India’s low cancer rates combined with the local diets. 40% of Indians are vegetarians and the food culture is one of the most spice intensive in the world with turmeric being one of the forefront spices (e.g. curry gets its taste and color from turmeric).

Most of the research that can be found on Turmeric is actually based on curcumin extracts as this is the bioactive compound which generates the health benefits. Just to be clear, turmeric contains approximately 3% curcumin (by weight) so one needs to have long term health visions of including Turmeric in your diet to feel the benefits. However, studies shows that combining Turmeric with black pepper (piper nigrum) enhances the absorption of curcumin in the bloodstream.

Curcumin has shown to inhibit the progress of NK-FB (nuclear factor-kappa B) in various cells. NK-FB is a molecule that enters cells to change genes to reduce inflammation. The research hyperlinked in this paragraph has seen results of curcumin decreasing the growth of melanoma cells (the most aggressive skin cancer).

Our organic Turmeric comes from Maharashtra, India where the farmers are part of a farming cooperative. The previous generation of farmers only used the land to feed their families. However, through the cooperative, the new generation has now been educated how to farm more effectively on smaller land spaces and therefore have space to farm superfoods such as Turmeric and make money from selling these crops internationally.