YOU: Astronaut? Or maybe just the same Spirulina diet?

Like many of our superfoods, Spirulina has a historic legacy dating back to the Aztecs eating the algae. However, in 1988 NASA published a report researching benefits of Spirulina as food during space travel. This due to relatively little energy being used to produce the food but mostly for its rich protein and vitamin B12 values per gram.

Spirulina is an algae that grows in fresh and salt water; our farmer farms it in fresh water.

You can’t argue with science right? Hit the link to read about why we chose to use Spirulina in YOU: Hustle, designed to be a pre-workout tablet. In short, the study has proven Spirulina to improve exercise performance as the participants (who did not receive placebo tablets) took longer to get tired after the test’s two-hour long treadmill run.

We want to be very clear that Spirulina does not cure cancer. However, to give some insight to those who are affected by this devil’s disease we’d like to share a study suggesting Spirulina could have healing properties arriving from trials within oral cancer studies.

Our Spirulina is from Qingdao, China from facilities that apply GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) to its organic farming operation. Focus here lies in all production steps being 100% organic i.e. both in the growing and harvesting stages. Rigorous third-party controls are performed on pesticides and heavy metals to ensure none of these are in our products.