Did you read our text about Acerola? Anyhow, remember that Acerola was number two most antioxidant intense? Well, number one is Rosehip! To be more specific, the high antioxidant levels derive from Rosehip’s high values of carotenoids, polyphenols as well as vitamins C and E.

The altitude of which Rosehip is grown implies a large difference in antioxidant levels. Ranges were measured between 200m and 1,400m above sea level to prove this. We source our Rosehip from the hilly Bulgaria to ensure the premium quality of our Rosehip.

As we say with YOU: Glow, this product is skincare from within. The skin has two layers; the outer layer, epidermal and the inner layer, dermal. The epidermal acts as a barrier whilst the dermal gives strength and elasticity via its nutritional collections to the epidermal. A healthy skin contains a lot of vitamin C which in turn generates higher collagen synthesis and makes skin cells more resistant to sun damage. The hyperlink to the study above has found dietary vitamin C intake to be superior to applying a topical product.

Moreover, another study proved Rosehip to significantly decrease face wrinkles which many feel justifies it as an anti-aging superfood. The participants in the study were measured on skin moisture levels as well as skin elasticity with superior results from Rosehip than placebo.