Soldier up! Pre-biotics on a protection mission

Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli? Perhaps difficult words but these are good bacteria that operate in your gut. Pre-biotic Inulin supports these two bacteria by keeping it clean down there, fighting infections and strengthening your immune system.

A study from Cardiff University showed that participants that ate Pre-biotic Inulin felt they had less indigestion and felt less hungry compared to the participants that ate placebo. The same study also showed that during episodic memory tasks, participants consuming Pre-biotic Inulin performed better on a recognition memory task and had a superior recall performance.

Did you ever have some bad nights out with tequila? Guilty, so did we. The funny thing is that our Pre-biotic Inulin, arriving from the plant Agave Tequilana, actually can be turned into tequila. The problem is that when the plant is distilled, all the good nutrients from the plant disappear; leaving us to understand more of where your headache the day after comes from. Enough of negativity though, Younicorn Inulin is the pre-biotic savior we’ve all been waiting for.