Check this research out, diving into the maca’s effects on brain functionality! The study shows that maca can improve the brain’s motor coordination, cognitive functionality and endurance capacity. Maca can also improve cells’ autophagy (auto = self, phagy = eat, autophagy = self-eating) meaning the support of regenerating newer and healthier cells.  This can therefore help slow down “age-related cognitive decline”.

Most of us love sex and it’s also proven to increase life quality with stress reduction and increased energy levels. However, for some it ain’t easy! Either that one is not really up for it or having problems with conceiving. Therefore, there is quite a bit of research looking into the effects of maca on hormone levels and semen quality. Having seen results that these parameters are improved, research then links this to an improved sexual function.

Maca has also shown to reduce blood pressure and depression, hence why we have it in YOU: Mindful. A study performed on 29 Hong Kong Chinese postmenopausal women, showcased these reduced symptoms. This study was inspired by a previous Australian study were maca improved anxiety and depressive scores.

Our organic Maca is sourced from the Peruvian Andes mountains, growing at 3800-4200 meters above sea level in an area called Huánuco. Maca is a very special root as it can adapt itself to tough surroundings and for example grow in very low temperatures. After sowing, our Maca can be harvested 8 to 11 months later and the season for this is June to August.