Made popular by the energy drinks of the world, we figured we would add just a tad (10% of YOU: Hustle) of Brazil’s finest Guarana to our world. The high caffeine levels from these fruit’s seeds seem fitting for a pre-workout tablet.

Besides getting a bit of a kick from Guarana, there are studies showing it can decrease mental fatigue during tough medical treatments (we found three studies hence 1, 2, 3 hyperlinks here). The fatigue curing benefits of Guarana can obviously come handy in sports too.

Guarana is also known to increase focus and therefore, improved cognitive performances have been reported. Results show that test groups receiving Guarana performed with an increased speed and accuracy in their RVIP (Rapid Visual Information Processing) tasks than their peer placebo groups.

We source our organic Guarana seeds from Brazil’s Amazonian forests, and we are proud to support the biodiversity that it brings