To clear things up there are two popular kinds of ginseng, Panax quinquefolius being American and Panax ginseng being Chinese/Korean. The American plant is usually accompanied with arguments relating to relaxing properties. Our ginseng comes from China and is therefore the “lets prepare ourselves for the flu season” type of ginseng.

Yes, one can stare at various nutritional values days on end but we found the interesting part of ginseng being of the more mystical kind, namely its properties of ginsenosides and gintonin. These two described as yin yang in the hyperlinked study, are believed to biologically complement each other in generating ginseng’s anti-inflammatory properties.

We also found an interesting study from the University of Milan, Department of Pharmacology researching the effects of ginseng combined with influenza vaccines. During week 4 to 12 in a 12 week long placebo controlled test with 227 participants, the placebo group had 42 individuals catching a cold whilst the ginseng group had only 15 individuals catch the cold.

Our Ginseng is from Qingdao in northeastern China where the climate is optimal for this nutritional root to grow well.