Antioxidant heavy weight champion of the world? Hint is YOU: Brazil

Once again proud of our transparent sourcing we offer you the Acerola cherry from its origin of South America, namely Brazil. This superfood’s rise to fame arrives from its very high vitamin C and antioxidant levels compared to other fruits. There have also been studies that show how much better organic Acerola is compared to both conventionally farmed Acerola and other organic fruits/berries rich in vitamin C. In fact, organic Acerola outperforms all other fruits in this aspect (except Rosehip, that you find in another product of ours).

At the end of the day, vitamin C is the ultimate immune booster as it has anti-inflammatory benefits. The “anthocyanins” antioxidants are what scientists point at being the potential aid in reducing e.g. heart disease. Once again, we have inserted Acerola where it gives the best punch in our products as the same study says the anti-inflammatory properties can relieve pain and sore joints after workouts.

Cherries in general but especially Acerola are dense in polyphenols which contribute to Acerola’s antioxidating properties. Free radicals, or crap that we inhale in the oxygen we breath, are taken care of by the body’s own antioxidants. However, supplementing your diet with e.g. Acerola decreases this oxidative stress.

We buy our organic Acerola in Brazil after having evaluated the quality from several organic farmers.