We believe that small things can make a big difference.


Receive a 5% promo code if you sort our product waste correctly

Our coldpressed tablets come in plastic and paper materials. We want to reward people who make use of or recycle the materials that come with our product. Take a picture of how you are making use of the materials using #ireuse and we’ll provide you with a 5% discount code for your next purchase. If you don’t have any crazy ideas you can follow our guide below on how to recycle and get rewarded.

  1. Take the plastic and paper from the product packaging and go to your nearest recycling bin.
  2. Take a picture as you put our plastic waste in the plastic bin and the paper box in the paper bin.
  3. Send the image to oscar@younicornvitamins.com and we’ll provide you with a 5% discount code.

YOU: Donate

For every product sold, we donate one school lunch to a kid in Ethiopia.

We believe that small things can make a big difference. We support an initiative by UN to fight for #ZEROHUNGER. For every product sold we donate one school lunch to a child in Ethiopia.

Access to education and food are human rights. Yet 783 million people live in poverty and 125 million children do not attend school. Free school meals are often crucial in order for parents to let their children go to school. Hopefully we won’t have these issues in the future. By purchasing a product from Younicorn Vitamins you are contributing to the global goal for ZEROHUNGER.

Read more about the project
Read more about the Global Goals


We climate compensate our CO2 footprint from our logistics operation.

At Younicorn Vitamins we aim to be 100% climate neutral and transparent about our emissions. We’re not saying that this will save the climate but hopefully we can inspire more companies to join us and do the same thing so we can make a difference together. To compensate for the emissions our logistic operation creates, we purchase carbon offsets. This means that for every gram we are emitting, we invest money to reduce greenhouse gas emissions somewhere else. We buy our carbon offsets through carbonoffsetnow.com who are certified by UN and Gold Standard.

C0² Emissions shipping
from Stockholm
C0² Emissions shipping
from New York
YOU: Hustle 90 grams 90 grams
YOU: Glow 70 grams 80 grams
YOU: Gut Glory 70 grams 70 grams
YOU: Protected 80 grams 80 grams
YOU: Mindful 80 grams 80 grams

Feel free to shoot us an email if you want to know more about how we calculated the emissions. We’re happy to share our excel-file if you are curious or want to do the same for your business.